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Dear Lady,
I often get the question how a classic date with a gigolo or escort boy happens in reality.
A first practical point concerning a date with a gigolo or escort boy, is about place and time. We can meet in a hotel, at your place or at my place. I live in a modern, spacious residence at the country, in the centre of a pittoresque village within the triangle Ghent - Antwerp - Brussels. The rural environment guarantees us all the peace and privacy needed. We can meet in the evening or during the weekends. During the week by day, is also possible, but that I like to plan in a bit beforehand.
Every date is unique in itself, but for me, a pleasant acquaintance is the ideal starter. We begin with a nice chat about odds and ends, a glass in our hands, music in the background, ... The casual and relaxed atmosphere quickly leads to spontaneous initiative. Either by me, by you or simultaneously :-) And then a heartfelt kiss brings us an evening full of intimacy, passion and eroticism.
The famous 'van Dale' dictionary defines a gigolo or escort boy as a man who gets paid for sexual favors. For me that definition is way too short-sighted and doesn't underline how I live my activity as a gigolo. For me 'gigolo' is just a google key word, no more no less. Rather than gigolo or escort boy, I consider myself as a gentleman who truly enjoys giving you his complete attention to make you feel like a woman...
Eventually, I also often get the question if I have expectations as a gigolo or better said: as a gentleman :-) Of course I have, but if you recognise yourself in what you have read here on my site, then I can already assure you that there will be a match and that we will pass a unique and intense time together. 
In case of further questions or to talk about a date or to obtain the fee, you can always reach me via the contact page, by mail Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. or by phone 0470/607575. 
Kind regards,